The evidence-based Prodromal Symptoms Screening Scale measures your heart health and identifies early warning signs of heart disease.

Use the Scale

What is it?

  • This is a tool to help you measure your heart health and should be used each year.

  • Use it more often if you notice new or returning symptoms, or increasing symptom severity or frequency.

  • The scale will help you to talk to your Healthcare provider about your heart health.

  • The scale will help your Healthcare Provider assess your level of risk for heart disease.

Why you should use it

Up to 92% of people experience warning signs… but do not recognize them as warning signs leading to a heart attack because they occur at unusual times and are totally unexpected.

How do I use it?

The tool is comprised of two sections: Symptoms and Risk Factors. There are 13 Symptom questions and 14 Risk Factor questions.

  1. You will be asked if you have a Warning Symptom or Risk Factor [Yes or No]. If you answer [Yes] to a symptom question, you will be asked about the location, the severity (intensity), and the timing of the symptom.
  2. When asked, highlight the location of your symptom on the body picture.
  3. Indicate the level of severity (what does the symptom feel like, such as mild, moderate or severe in intensity?)
  4. Tell us how often you would have had this symptom, such as monthly, several times a week, or daily.
The Prodromal Symptoms Screening Scale will give you an overall score about your heart health and will recommend next steps for you to take and share with your healthcare provider.

Who should use it?


  • Any adult
  • Any adult who has family history of heart disease or known heart disease
  • Any adult who has diabetes
  • Any woman who had hypertension or diabetes during a pregnancy


  • GPs, NPs, RNs, Internists, Cardiologists Used as an annual screening tool for patients with known CVD or whom are at risk.